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The day after.

Man, what a week. Starting last Thursday I headed out with my sister Katie, her boyfriend Paul, as well as Suzi and Keith to Ocean City for a few days. It was really nice to get away for a while, especially with work kicking my butt on all fronts. By the end of these week things should be settled down.

We sent the four days we had getting some sun, rockin' the arcade, and eating all you can eat crab legs twice (boy, it was satisfying). We stayed at the Holiday Inn, which had it's own kitchen and DVD player, which came in handy. I also get a bed all too myself, which was super nice for my neck and back, which had been suffering the last couple days.

Made a few killings with the claw catcher machines, including some antique ones that took dimes. I think I've found a home for the 24"~ inch Mega Man, luckily. I played a couple rounds of DDR, because who as I to resist? Katie even gave it a shot! She'll pick it up, though the first time she tried her up-arrow was stuck. XD Also nearly gave Katie a heart attack later that day by suggesting a caravel ride that really wasn't for her, but she survived. XD We were the only two people on everything we rode, the place was deserted!

It SHOULD be noted, however, that it was some sort of Biker's Week. HUNDREDS of bikeds in the whole city! It was bloody LOUD! But luckily the hotel room was nice and sound proof!

We left on that Sunday, my birthday (the day before was my Gitta's b-day, yaaaa!). XD I am now a quarter of a century old. T_T

Paul was sweet, and got me these shoes I'd been ogling. Turning out they're actually men's shoes, but I love them anyway. Got a few text messages, not to mention the numerous pokes on Facebook. You know who you are, and it means a lot. ^_^

I MAY be getting a present from my mom and dad at some point, but apparently my dear mother misplaced whatever it is somewhere quite hidden... XD The phrase "Mom's ruined Christmas, again," has been floating around. (smiles, eye roll) It'll turn out, though I hope she stops killing herself over it. I am withholding on celebrating with my family until my dad gets back from his business trip to Las Vegas (he left before I was home that day).

Katie got me two things. One, a cute little Chibimaru memo holder, and the other something that still has be floored. I can't begin to express how thankful I am, especially right now. Now I'm counting all the ways I can make it up to her.

That evening I went out to a little dinner with a few peoples; Gitta (the OTHER b-day girl, of course), Kat, Darryl and Olga. We went to one of my (our?) favorite restaurants: O'Faolain's Irish Pub. It's been forever since I've had some pot pie! Also, on Sundays evenings there is live music, which is always a delight. I'd like to drag more people there, sometime.

Today I went to work at the studio (back to work!). Before I headed out Joe texted me saying "don't eat anything." Turns out he wanted to treat me to lunch for my birthday, even if it was a day late. We threw some banter at each other, than headed out. He chose this Vietnamese place, for whatever reason, but I went with it because no matter what I might say I trust his judgment. XD Turns out it was a plot devised by Sally, who also brought her daughter Yasmen (who is very cool). She noticed I liked eating a lot of Asian-style foods and thought I would like it (which I did!). Apparently Sally had been worried I would figure something is amiss, but Joe assumed her, "Don't worry, she's pretty oblivious to these things." ~_~ But it was really, really sweet.

Tomorrow, I am hitting the ground running, and anticipating my forthcoming 16 hour work day. @_@ I am sleeping-in on my day off, that's all I have to say. SLEEPING!
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