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To many things to count...

Just, so much going on right now, I can't see straight.

A few weeks ago Katie had her final Starbase Awesome party before the move. Kat, Gitta and Jamie made it, which I'm happy for. People were met, people friended on Facebook, it's all mad-mad crazy... (yawns)

At the moment I'm trying out that 100 Push Up challenge. I only just started it, but hopefully when I'm done I will actually defeat Gitta at arm wrestling. That little chick is packing heat, and I will never forget it.

Yesterday was... crazy. I saved a couple cars (including my bosses) from being rammed with a giant flower cart, since I was simply there at the right time, saved myself from getting his by a shopping cart full of charcoal (kick it over as it came at me) as I held the first flower cart stead mere inches from said cars, and watched in horror as the SECOND flower cart started rolling away, only to simply tip over into a big, expensive mess... I think I should get a raise. At least SOMEONE now knows the important of a cart break on a windy day, geez...

This cute guy came in later in the day. I met him before on Saint Patrick's Day when I was dancing around the store in my get-up. He was pretty sweet, friendly... He came in yesterday and was sorta... hovering around, so I went to see if he needed any help. Long story short, he ended up leaving with my number and I ended up with a small date that same evening. 0_o It... happened so fast! Don't know if I will hear from him again, or what. Not sure how these things work. We'll see.

Presently working on a logo for my dance teacher's band. Going through a plethora of fonts, finding a lot that would work with what she wants. I'm to do a bit of thinking. Also finishing off the knot work designs for our dance dresses, if they're still needed at all. But I wanna... T_T

Other projects to be completed in time, though I have no idea when I will have the time. Both jobs have been needing me constantly and I don't know what to do with myself. I seriously will need a vacation. I also need to find the time to SEE people! Me! Me find time! It's the only way it can happen! So I might loose some sleep now and then, but some priorities take the back burner, you know?

Urgh, rambling. Doing some touches, saving this file and going the hell to BED a but early.

After push ups...
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