Libby リビ (geuna) wrote,
Libby リビ


Ten years ago my dance teacher ran into Patrick F-ing STEWART and was offered a DRINK!!! SO JEALOUS!!! I would have FAINTED!!!
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sdfjaklsdjfa;dsljfa;l SERIOUSLY?

I would have died. Like, instantly.
For serious! She said he was doing a local showing of Macbeth at the time.
Pretty freaking sweet!
I know, right? I would have been like "Yes! I will have a drink! And please, and autograph! Sign anywhere!!!"
So...uh...Hi, you don't know me and I don't know you. I've been reading through ecphrastic's LJ and in one of the comment sections you mentioned a really cool Sanji fic you were writing. Does this fic actully exist and is it possible to read it?

The discussion occurs here:
Yes, I know what you're talking about. While I might have dabbled and written a few things, it as something I never ever really got in to. It's safe to say it will probably be never written, though I still enjoy the concept. I get lots of ideas like that, though I don't realistically have time to write fanfiction anymore.

Sorry, but thanks for you interest!