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Post for the week!

I figure it's a good a time as any to make a post!

Well, LAST weekend I went to Bonnie's house in Culpeper for her graduation party. As always, it's a pleasure to visit. Unfortunately I realized after I left that I DIDN'T ask to see her senior project. >_< Next time... Anyways, the drive there was a nice one, roughly two hours, and about three wrong turns (my own fault). I also got to see Steve, Dan, Alex, and later Juan. XD We hung out, enjoyed the AWESOME weather, and even played a little pool. I crashed there for the night, which was a good idea, considering I didn't want to get turned around (again) going back after dark. T_T

Monday I got a couple updated in my car computer system regrading the airbags and glorious new windshield wipers (AT LAST), all free of charge. It was a long wait, two hours in the waiting area. The appointment was at 10:30 a.m., and mom was going to take me and we would have hung out, but one of her buddies called up to see if she wanted to drive out to the country. Of course she was devastated, but I insisted that she should just go and have fun (I mean, she doesn't get to do that sort of thing very often). Only downside was since the call came the minute we were headed out the door, I didn't have time to eat anything (I was going to have lunch with her), but I at least managed to find two dollars to buy myself a Kit-Kat from the vending machine. XD Also put a good dent in a book of mine. But 32 pages within two hours seems like a pretty pathetic dent... Hate being a slow reader.

This week a work had a lot of changes happening... At TJ's not exactly for the better (but things change), and my other design job things are looking up for my boss, which is good. Things have been really busy at both jobs, which is good and bad depending, but you all know how that is...

Thursday night was GOTH PROM!!! It was fun, the club itself was awesome, and the music was surprisingly rock/alternative rather than the electronica I'm used to. Not BAD, just different. XD There were was a "freak show" actor where a woman went face/chest down on (real) broken glass, then have a tiny person from the audience stand on her back and head. There was also a pair of belly dancers whose costumes reminded me of a cross between Alice's outfit from Resident Evil 2 (the movie), Princess Leia's metal bikini, and a Renn Fair. And the act with swords was totally like a Amazonian mating ritual... 0_0 Lot of gorgeous tattoos. As usual Suzi was there with her boyfriend, and Paul came, too.

Friday evening my sister came to spend the night and my family had dinner together. After dinner Katie and I went to Tyson's to shop of Body Gap for a bikini and it was oddly enough a success (FINALLY). Found the size I needed, and order the color I wanted online, and luckily my size was one of the only two sizes left. On the way home we rocked out to various songs, most noticeably Micheal Jackson's "Thriller" and "Smooth Criminal." Rotersand's "All In All" and "Exterminate Annihilate Destroy". XD Rotersand is made of awesome for the latter! It's totally a ode to Dalek's. The whole CD is really good, which has a definite VNV Nation spin to it.

After work on Saturday I CRASHED. I stay at work an hour later than usual, and had an unusually rough day... So I come home and decide to take a nap at around 6 p.m., and the next thing I know I wake up around 2 a.m. Refusing to screw up my sleep patterns THIS week, I went right back to bed, and another 7 hours later managed to drag my wobbly, jelly-like body out of bed around 9 a.m. It should have been earlier, but dreams are AWESOME.
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