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Kings Dominion and Stress Dreams

Sunday I went to Kings Dominion with Gitta gittapet, a coworker and some new friends. Joe invited me a couple weeks ago, so I thought it would be a nice chance to get out for once. There was also Jenny (Joe's girlfriend), Jessica, Heather (Jesse's little sister), Petter and Chris. They're all super nice, and thanks to all of them the day was a blast.

The tickets were discounted, though the park was twice as packed because everyone had the same idea we did. Along with discounted tickets there was also a really nice all-you-can-eat outdoor "picnic" or sorts, and we eat our fill before waiting in any long lines. We went on the Dominator (among others), hung around the water park, and Petter and I played DDR. On retrospect, when I had aches and pains the next couple days, I realize it wasn't from walking around the park all day. It was from playing Break Down on difficult for the first time in years. At least I got a B. XD

I think one of the key running gags for the day had to do with the sunblock we were wearing. SPF 85, provided by Jesse. Ever heard the Budd Light commercial "Mr. 80 SPF Sunblock Wearer"? We got that dude BEAT. Still came away with a tan (more maybe just freckles...).

Gitta didn't want to go on some of the rides toward the beginning, but managed to convince her to go on some of the wooden coaster, which, in my opinion, are scarier. XD The Lazy River was relaxing and fun, considering there were 8 of us floating together. The wave pool was disgust. Period. Never. Again.

One thing to note about the day is that the threat of rain and thunderstorms were hanging over our heads all day. Literally. All the weather reports I looked at said there would be rain and lightening all day and all night. Despite a killer lightening storm being visible in the distance toward the end of the day, we had sunshine all day long. What luck! I was certainly freaking out during the car ride home, but rain didn't even touchdown until we reached my neighborhood.

In other news, I've been having a lot of stress dreams lately. I don't really know why, but haven't had a good nights sleep in a while. The dreams included situations like sociable zombies, super powers, being late, and car accidents (or at least trying to help someone else who was in a car accident). It probably has something to do with work, which is very hectic right now. Not sure when it's going to calm down, but hopefully soon.

Oh yeah, and Happy 4th, everyone!
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