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The Beach & B-days!

Man, I take longer and longer to get around to posting stuff anymore!

The weekend of August 1st I went with my family (mother, father, and big sister) to Rehoboth. It was a lot of fun, even if there weren't many ocean waves all and it was freakin' COLD. I got to wear a bikini out for the firs time even and could actually feel comfortable doing so. I didn't come out of it with much of a tan, but plenty of freckles.

Most of the time were spent on our feet. Katie rishu and I spent most of the time together checking out every shop that looked cool enough and hung around the arcade/carnival areas. I of course gravitated toward the DDR machines and Katie to the shooters, and both of us blew waaaay more money than we should have trying to win stuffed turtles. Katie came away with two turtles and a lizard, and I came away with a turtle as well, his name is Mr. Smudgy. I have far too many stuffed animals as it is, so it's probably good that it stopped there.

The carnival rides were wicked awesome. You know how usually they're a but slow, for the kids? Like, say, 2 cylinders, sissy. Jack that up to 8 cylinders and you got the rider WE were on. The Gravitron was a little traumatizing (I still think it should be called the "Hurler") but I feel I defeated it my getting back on that second time. The Helicopter ride was by far the most delightful, since we did that twice and managed to me some of the last people off both times. The Sea Dragon was the first time I ever got on one of the those boat rides that swing back and forth (same for Katie, I think), and though it was small, it was still awesome. We finished off the even with the Tea Cups, and let me tell you, we were hanging on for dear life on THAT ride, too. Freakin' SWEET!

I spent more money than I should have on jewelry, a hat, and wrapping paper, but I regret nothing.

It was also the greatest thing ever, having my sister all to myself for two whole days. She even put up with me through several rounds of DDR, many more than I really should have. She's also really fun to ride with on carnival rides. I don't think I've heard her scream "SWEET JESUS!" so many times before.

Coming BACK after a weekend at the beach... well, let's say it did was it was supposed to do. I felt relaxed, refreshed, ready to get back to work. And there was a lot of work to be done, let me tell you.

Let's so... ah! Yes, I saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, finally. Hilarious movie. Gag reel had me holding my sides and cackling.

As of yesterday I headed up to Bethesda to meet people's as Dave & Buster's for Steve shadowedsaint BIRTHDAY!!!! Yesterday was also Peter's birthday, and I'm sorry I could come to both. I had work that day, anyway. T_T

I got lost getting there... a little... It was the directions fault, not mine. Adding a bloody u-turn in there for no reason. Now, getting BACK... well, I'm still a little confused on that, but I think I might have just been paranoid and not lost at all. Either was I'm 50-50 on being lost and not being lost... Sorry Alex!

Anyway, that's all for now. Gotta run!
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