Libby リビ (geuna) wrote,
Libby リビ

Patchwork and Purses

I've been in the weirdest mood. I like patchwork stuff. My bedspread is patchwork-esque, like my college bedsheets were. It's also one medium in which I prefer pastels and pale colors only. It's so busy in the first place, why go overboard with brights and darks?

I don't really like patchwork in my clothing, persée, but I find I like this purse. Kinda wish it didn't have that bit of silver in the patchwork, but it rings my chimes. Anyone think it just looks plan weird? (searches for more bags)

On another note, I really wanna go gypsy for this years Renaissance Festival. I have a corset and a passable skirt, but have yet to get a chemise. I should go buy a pattern, though a part of me just want to buy one offline. This one I kinda like, though maybe a bit princess-like. But I do love those sleeves!
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