Libby リビ (geuna) wrote,
Libby リビ

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Haunted Roooooad

Driving home at this hour, rainy and foggy as it is, the whole atmosphere seems very "Haunted Hayride"-esque. I don't know what it is, maybe because I'm pretty tired? Maybe because there really isn't anyone on the road at this hour on Sunday. Maybe because the fog gives me that "something is about to pop out of scare you" vibe. Maybe because the steam coming from that building in the distance seems ominous somehow. Or maybe it's the way that drainage plant up the road almost looks like a haunted house, so dark, yet the windows lit up so brightl--wait, all the lights just went out, even the lamp posts. Weird timing. Guess it's all on a timer? Ah well, almost past it, anyw--oh shit, the lights just came back on again!? Weird...

Time for bed now.
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