Libby リビ (geuna) wrote,
Libby リビ

An update

Wow, so much time has passed, where to being. A little update.

I've had a social life, but it's been bloody chaotic. Most of time it's hanging with the "girls", which is great, because Jamie is back after all this time and it's awesome seeing her. I make plans with one person or group, and then another person or group (which I see less often, and really do want to see) pop up offering other plans. Of course it's rude top cancel a long planned event, so I have to decline. It's happened more times than I would like, but that's life.

The last couple days I went to Ohio on a small "vacation", in order to visit family and such. It was nice, though a little frustrating at the same time. We slept a lot, and when we weren't sleeping we were hurrying off somewhere to do something or meet someone. It was exhausting. There was the addition of my sister's new doggie, Mädchen. She's an adorable little thing, well behaved, though still needs to settle in some more.

On a tangent, while I was in Ohio I stopped by a game shop and actually had a few cards added to my bear-themed Magic deck. They had everything on my laundry list. It made me giddy, even if I haven't playing in a while, and have no one to play with... but still! Yay, giant squirrels!

Tonight I was invited last minute to Karaoke with coworkers, as a sendoff for one of our buddies there. It was wild, and I was surprised to find myself up at the mic 80% of the time. It was also exhausting.

This week will be more running around. There are important, time sensitive projects at work, as well as birthdays...

On another note, I have come across a little problem. I just got new boots via the internet, and they don't fit. This is because dance class has literally made my calf muscles too hard, and there is no give when I zip them up (I'm pretty sure my leg will start turning purple if I give it a few minutes). This problem goes for boots I ALREADY own, too. Crap... Maybe I should give the next size up a shot?

Anyways, it's time for bed! Work-work-work!
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