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Art is a means to run away without ever leaving home...

Libby リビ
14 September 1983
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Okay, where to start!

I was born in Germany, though I don’t remember a thing. My favorite colors are red, blue, green, black, and a bunch of others.

What else can I say? (Wow, clique!) I’m an aspiring comic book artist. ^__^’ I wish... if I ever got around to it. I suppose it's pretty damn hard sometimes to get your mind focused enough, with all the distractions that life likes to throw your way. But for now, I’m working on my own pet projects, with the aid of my best friends, which is always good.

I can easily be titled a gamer and a geek, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at me. But who really can these days? Labels suck.

I looove sci-fi, fantasy, adventure and horror (of the honest spooky sort, not the bloody slasher sort, they tend to be overrated and more or less the same) and the "Haunting of Hill House" is one of the greatest books ever written. I love the Japanese culture (it is quite beautiful) and I think German is the sexiest language ever (sprechen sie deutsch, baby?).

I am currently a college graduate fighting my way into the work force with not as much vigor as I'd like... But everyone has to start somewhere, right?

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